JIM P. MAHACEK, Certified Appellate Specialist

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What can I do for you? What do I not do?

Let's just start with the negative side. This attorney does not represent clients in:

  • Criminal proceedings  
  • Bankruptcy
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Juvenile proceedings

What this attorney does includes the following:

  • Represents clients in all phases of civil appeals in both the California Courts of Appeal and in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal
  • Represents clients before both the California Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Prosecutes and defends Petitions for Extraordinary Relief (Mandate, Prohibition, Certiorari) in both California and Federal courts.
  • Represents clients in prosecuting and opposing Motions for Summary Judgment in both the California and Federal courts.
  • Represents clients in prosecuting and opposing post judgment motions (Motions for new trial, Motions for judgment N.O.V. and fee motions) in both the California and Federal courts.
  • Provides "second opinions" as to the advisability of filing an appeal or Petition for Extraordinary Relief.

As you have read this website, you have noticed that appellate law is a specialty....that requires unique training and experience that most trial attorneys do not have. You have also noted that this attorney actually does have significant training both as a trial attorney and as a Certified Appellate Specialist. This attorney's unique background does let him bring to the table on behalf of his clients the best of both worlds: the smell of the trial courtroom and the grasp needed of the deliberation process critical to a successful appellate practice.




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